AQUASEF presentation in Open Eureka Innovation Week

Open Eureka

The Open Eureka Innovation Week is the biggest event organized by the Spanish Presidency of Eureka and by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), to promote co-operation and encourage the exchange of experiences,as well as putting in common new technological proposals.

The participants of the event were from more than 40 European countries, in addition to other associated countries of Korea, South Africa, Canada, Chile and Argentina, countries that integrate the Eureka Network.

The Eureka Innovation Week started last Monday, May 15 in Barcelona. Maribel Rodríguez, ARIEMA´s deputy director and LIFE AQUASEF project coordinator, attended this event on 16 and 17, participating actively and having the opportunity to present, infront of the entire Eureka Network, ARIEMA's R & D & I initiatives, including LIFE AQUASEF project, as a model of energy ecoefficient technologies in aquaculture, under the 'Break out Sessions II - Thematic Sessions in Energy Technologies'. 

The event, especially focused on companies (as well as a technological and research center), is a great showcase and a technological market oriented to the financing of R & D in companies,as well as being the perfect event for obtaining new collaborations.

The event was highlighted by the constant and dynamic participation of the attendees, by the creativity in the technologies developed and by the collaboration and sharing of technologies. It has provided a unique forum to promote networking and cooperation between companies and technology centers worldwide. The Eureka Network grows stronger; Financing in business R & D is increasingly a necessary investment.

From ARIEMA,we would like to congratulate the CDTI for the excellent organization of the Open Eureka Innovation Week, to make possible an international event capable of encouraging the exchange of innovative ideas among all the countries that make up the Eureka Network.

maribel EUREKA