AQUASEF presentation in JAMILA, Palestine


Last May 14th, 2017, AQUASEF project "Environmental improvement of aquaculture activity through the development of eco-efficient technologies" was presented in the Joint Master of Mediterranean initiatives on renewable and sustainable energy (JAMILA), a joint project between 8 universities from 5 Mediterranean countries with financial support of European Union (EU) under the umbrella of TEMPUS projects. This project aims at establishing joint master program (curricula reform) in renewable electrical energy engineering ( REEE) that should serve the market needs of  these courtiers to effective  utilizing the renewable energy resources and to help support the sustainability of  these sources and local environment.  

Thanks to the collaboration of the University of Cadiz with AQUASEF project, Professor Rafael Jiménez, collaborator of the project partner INOMA Renovables S.L. made a presentation of AQUASEF project, as an example of innovative technologies that are efficient and low in emissions and the best practices to be implemented in the aquaculture sector.

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