At D & BTech we develop and commercialize innovative technologies for the mixture of gases and liquids in various industrial sectors, such as: wastewater treatment, aquaculture, or the chemical and food industry.
Our competitive advantage is based on the devices we have developed (internationally protected by patents), are easy to install and produce energy saving consumer about the best teams of aeration of the upper 50% market.


The promoters of this company have been designed cultivation tanks and aeration for aquaculture systems for more than 15 years, previously through the University of Seville and since its formation through D & BTech. We have partnered with companies aquaculture as Acuinova S.L. (from the Pescanova group), Aquacria Arousa S.L. and fisheries of Island Mayor S.A.




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This Project has been co-funded by the European Commission through the LIFE+ 2013 Program 

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