This is an integrated project that intertwined different actions aimed to improve the energy and environmental sustainability of the aquaculture production of fish and mollusks. The project is focused on emissions reduction through the use of clean and innovative technologies and application of the best practices in the field of aquaculture, taking advantage whith the synergies between activities to develop in the installation, such as for example cultivation of microseaweed  to complement the fish feed, (nutritionally help) and also fixing part of the emmited CO2 by boilers used to heat the water for breeding tanks.




...avoid emissions from energy production necessary to supply pumping systems of tanks growing, plant lighting, mixing systems for the tanks, through application of renewable photovoltaic energy and  vertical axis wind energy, supplemented with... situ oxygen production systems by electrolysis needed to supply tanks crop...

...efficient aeration systems and low energy consumption, using a novel technology of microbubble nozzles using...

...hydrogen surplus generated in electrolysis of water in various systems of exploitation.

Finally the project also deals with the valorization of waste and emissions, through the use of part of the generated CO2  in the boiler's combustion to inject it into microalgae cultivation tanks, which sets this CO2 and nutritionally complementary feeding fish and cultured mollusks.

Thus the project closes the cycle of sustainability, reducing the emissions of CO2, NOx and generated discharges implementing new technology which is in demonstration phase.

Finally it also intends to publicize to final consumer and the public in general, how the technology can promote quality food  cultivated in a sustainable and respectful manner with environmental resources.

The Foundation CTAQUA, reference center for aquaculture in Andalucia along with the Plataforma Tecnologica de la Pesca (PTEPA) will be responsible to ensure the incorporation of results into future strategic plans for sustainable aquaculture and promote the use of these technologies by other agents of the sector, favoring the transferability of results.



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This Project has been co-funded by the European Commission through the LIFE+ 2013 Program 

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