0 logoINOMAINOMA RENOVABLES, S.L. It is a company which belongs to GRUPO IGFOTON, a group of engineering companies with high technological specialization committed to the sustainability of our planet and a responsible technological development in the sector of renewable energy industrial installations and energy efficiency.

Our vision is a more sustainable world with a responsible industrial activity, through the use of clean energetic resources, the execution of industrial installation more respectful with the enviroment, and the application of new energetic technologies for local development.
INOMA RENOVABLES, is a company of engineering highly specialized in solar energy, with a commitment to the innovation and development of new designs and products, joining lastest progress in equipment and methods of calculation which allows both the architectural integration and energy efficiency.

INOMA RENOVABLES makes electric, energetic and industrial engineering projects, including technical management and legalization. Provides energetic services, giving solutions for saving energy by the reduction of energetic cost in companies or public institution, improving the organizations and making them more sustainable and efficient through newest advanced technologies, which produces real savings for the investment.


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This Project has been co-funded by the European Commission through the LIFE+ 2013 Program 

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