IGFOTON is a group of highly specialization in advanced energy engineering companies, committed to the sustainability of our planet, through the management of knowledge and the application of technological development in clean energy and energy efficiency sector.

The Group operates through different companies, whose specialization enables a wide range of energy services and specialized products to compete with quality on the international market.
We offer solutions for saving and energy efficiency through the reduction of energy bussiness cost, companies and public institutions, working with organizations to make them more efficient and sustainable through the most advanced technologies that generate enough savings fo the required investment.

HELIOTRONICA maintains a stable framework for cooperation on projects and initiatives in R&Dwith the University of Cadiz and especially with the laboratory of Solar energy of the University and other related manufacturers in the solar sector, citing by way of example some R & D work developed or implemented:

♦ Simulation and modeling computer in solar installations.

♦ Monitoring and analysis of the performance of existing facilities.

♦ Optimization of ACS and solar cooling systems.

♦ Implementation of thermal technics for the study and aplication of thermal solar collectors and photovoltaic modules. Application of infrared thermography in the maintenance of solar photovoltaic systems and low temperature.

♦ Study of the quality of the power supply network connection photovoltaic.



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This Project has been co-funded by the European Commission through the LIFE+ 2013 Program 

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