Test and demonstrate innovative technologies to reduce carbon footprint of aquaculture activities, in particular demonstration actions of new technologies are outlined in:


logoaquasefDemonstration of the possibility to obtain an energy optimization installations through using correct use and application of good practices in the management of the installation and use of renewable energy interconnected with electrolysis process.

logoaquasefDemonstration of the environmental benefits in the use of fuel cells and hydrogen technologies into the aquaculture sector. It will test a group of electrolysis of 5 KW for self-production of oxygen and it will demonstrate its energy supply by a renewable way. The different uses of the hydrogen generated in a combustion engine and a fuel cell equipment that reduce by 100% the cast GEIS will also be tested.

logoaquasefDemonstration of the best techniques for aeration and oxygenation in aquaculture and aerators of high-efficiency installation.

logoaquasefDemonstration of the possibilities of fixation of CO2 emitted through the cultivation of microalgae. It will also show as microalgae provide added value by the complementarity in the diet of fish and mollusks cultivated and the function in natural system related with the effluents purification.

logoaquasefTransfer results(tools and processes) at three levels: (1) for the main public administrations with competences in aquaculture at European level with the aim of orienting strategies for sustainable development through the reduction of the carbon footprint of aquaculture, (2) for the aquaculture sector productive  that allows to know of a way to practice the available technological offer designed to minimize the environmental impact generated by this activity, and (3) to the public in overall, consumer products from aquaculture, with the aim of increasing their knowledge in terms of foodstuffs obtained from a safe and sustainable environmentally way.

logoaquasefCreation of a communication plan to involve the business and commercial sectors in the fight against climate change through technological improvement and the implementation of good handling practices.




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This Project has been co-funded by the European Commission through the LIFE+ 2013 Program 

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