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Esteros de Canela S.A., is a company dedicated to marine aquaculture since 1992, which bets for the polyculture. The production line is based on the exploitation and marketing of aquaculture products. The company is located in a farm located in Ayamonte, in the marshes of the Salon Santa Gadea. It is close to the south with  Cadiz street of this population; to the North with the estuary la Rivera; to the East with the estuary of Caballo ciego and to the West by marshes. It has a total area of 48 hectares.

esteros1It ows authorization of existing crop by the Resolution of the General-Direction of fisheries from March 9, 2000 by which grants are administrative authorization estuaries of cinnamon, S.A., to perform marine crops on the farm called "Salon of Santa Gadea", located in the municipality of Ayamonte (Huelva).

Among the species which grow are gilt-head bream, seabass, mullet and sole (the last two are grown naturally, entering fingerlings of the river, without need for external supply). They have done tests with clams, and it intends to continue adding new species to your production line, since they have sufficient facilities and also a great entrepreneurial spirit.
This process of fattening, is complemented by the activity of breeding and feeding initiated in the last years. This form Esteros de Canela has a hatchery in an industrial unit with 341 m2 with capacity for 200,000 fish fry, and has a water purification system which purifyes 100% every 4 or 5 days. It has the equipment needed to start a breeding center of bivalve molluscs.
Its main objective is to maintain a commitment in terms of quality and innovation are concerned. They have a human team, prepared and committed, which considered the basis of their business success.




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