AquaEUR 2016

Aquaculture Europe 2016, held in Edinburgh from September 20 to 23rd, was the most successful Aquaculture Europe (AE) event to date, with 340 oral presentations and 284 posters. Organized once a year by the European Aquaculture Society (EAS), this interesting conference attracted the participation of scientific and industrial agents from all over the world showing the major advances in aquaculture sector. The AE2016 trade event was also well attended, with exhibitors showing their latest products and services.

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AQUASEF could not miss this meeting. CTAQUA, as Communication and Dissemination partner, and ARIEMA as project coordinator, attended this important European event. Regarding our Communication and Dissemination activities, AQUASEF presented two posters, one on macroalgae and microalgae production, and one on the D&BTech device for efficient gas transfer suitable for aquaculture aeration. Furthermore, our project coordinator, Maribel Rodriguez, shared the AQUASEF preliminary results in the “Farming Operations-Environment and Technology Interactions” oral session.

The AQUASEF project, which aims at improving improve the efficiency and sustainability of aquaculture facilities, is developing a pilot project in Esteros de Canela facilities, located in Huelva. In these facilities, the partners are testing a combination of renewable technologies, hydrogen uses and fuel cells in order to achieve in situ self-production of oxygen, as well as microalgae production as a food supplement at the first stage of fish development. Additionally, microalgae production is being tested to promote phyto purification of effluents and as a fixation of CO2 emitted by boilers used to heat the water in growth tanks.

The oral session audience was especially interested in the AQUASEF renewable technologies with a view to replicating this model all over the world, to reduce the use of external energy, oxygen and food supply.

Access to the poster on microalgae cultivation technologies,Drops & Bubbles Tecnología

Access to the poster on oxygen diffusion devices, Drops & Bubbles Tecnología

Access to AQUASEF oral communication, ARIEMA Energía y Medioambiente


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