AQUASEF presentation in I Green Economy Forum in Córdoba (Spain)

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Last December 15th, the First Forum on Green Economy was held in Córdoba (Spain), bringing together numerous local and national experts who analyzed and discussed the present and future of this type of economy, its barriers and opportunities. The Green Economy is postulated as the only sustainable way forward to establish a new model of development that reduces the pressure on natural systems to produce incomes in the integrated sectors of the economy, which has been increasing in the use of the planet's resources and in the emissions and waste that must be processed and absorbed.

In this field, Mr. David Solera, Projects Engineer of ARIEMA Energía y Medioambiente S.L., coordinator of AQUASEF project, had the opportunity to introduce the project among the attendees, as an example of way of impelling the new model of economic development that generates prosperity, while preserving the state of natural systems.

AQUASEF aims to demonstrate, promote and disseminate low-carbon technologies and best practices for European Aquaculture. Proposed measures will help reduce site’s energy and oxygen dependence besides the environmental impacts of the activity through the improvement of effluents purification and CO2 fixation by microalgae. Some added values to the last measure will foster the replacement of chemical growth additives, developing alternative feed supplements and reducing GFG total emissions in aquaculture production.

In summary, this project contributes to green economy through the reduction of carbon footprint in aquaculture and the improvement of effluents quality through the implementation of innovative technologies designed to reinforce sustainability at fish and molluscs production life cycle.

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