AQUASEF in SIGA, Fair of innovative solutions for water management

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From February 28 to March 3, the IFEMA pavilions hosted the fair for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, International Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation, Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration and GENERA International Energy Fair. A context that has also added for the first time the holding of SIGA fairs, linked to innovative solutions and committed to water management and sustainable development. In this area, AQUASEF could not be lacking, since its objectives include the reduction of the carbon footprint and the improvement of the quality of the effluent waters through the implementation of innovative technologies that improve in a global way the environmental sustainability of the Fish culture cycle and saltwater molluscs.

Drops & Bubbles Tecnología, partner of AQUASEF project, sponsored the stand of the Spanish Water Technology Platform, which was as a unique opportunity to publicize the AQUASEF project, and more specifically MicroBTech devices, an innovative device for the generation of micro-bubbles for their implantation in all type of industrial activities that require to dilute gases in liquids aiming at a superior energetic efficiency.

Access the activity information B.3. Demonstration of the best oxygenation techniques in culture tanks, coordinated by D & BTech.



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