Technological innovation, sustainability and efficiency mark the innovation Gallery “Genera 2015”

Energy-efficient buildings, sustainability in urban environments and technological developments focus the content of the 19 projects selected in this edition



A space designed to inspire r & d sector that recognizes the most avant-garde proposals on energy efficiency, renewable and environmental protection.

Within this field, the proposal of AQUASEF has been one of the selected by an expert jury consisting of renowned professionals of the sector, which has valued the avant-garde nature of the candidacy, and differential value in energy efficiency, renewable and protecting the environment.  


The Innovation Gallery of GENERA 2015, international fair of energy and environment, which will take place at Feria de Madrid from 24 to 27 February, will present a total of 19 projects, distinguished by a high degree of technological innovation and commitment for sustainability and efficiency in its seventh convocation.

This area supports one more year the research and development work carried out with public and private organizations as well as the responsible and effective use of the available energy.

The gallery will gather projects that opt for efficient buildings, in line with the objectives fixed by the EU's "nearly zero energy consumption buildings". Technological innovation and computer developments applied to wind farms, microgrids, models of sustainability in the environment of cities from platforms of mobility in transport, innovative lighting and systems integration of renewables in urban furniture, also focused some of the proposals selected this year. Environmental improvement in aquaculture, the replacement of the Fluorinated refrigerants in air conditioning by natural alternative, domestic energy bill reduction and innovative applications of alternative energy sources, complete the contents of the gallery.

Selected proposals

AQUASEF. Environmental improvement of aquaculture through the development of eco-efficient technologies

ARIEMA Energía y Medioambiente

It's a project of sustainable aquaculture focused to demonstrate, promote and disseminate innovative technologies efficient, low emissions and best practices to be implemented in this sector in the European Union. It proposes measures that reduce the energy dependency of the installation and the dependence of oxygen aeration of the pools through the implementation of systems of self-production. It reduces the impact to the environment through wastewater treatment techniques by the cultivation of microalgae - nutritional supplement to the diet of fish and mollusks - CO2 fixation by reducing total balance generated GHG emissions and purifying effect of effluents of culture tanks.


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This Project has been co-funded by the European Commission through the LIFE+ 2013 Program 

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