External monitor of AQUASEF project meets the partnership and visits the installation


Last april 27th, the external monitor of AQUASEF project met the project consortium in the University of Seville. 

At the meeting, led by Maribel Rodriguez (ARIEMA Energía y Medioambiente), coordinator of AQUASEF project, the main technical results of the project to date were presented and a financial review of the costs incurred with respect to the project budget was made. Additionally, a review of the project's Mid TermReport, delivered to the European Commission last March, was made as well. 


2016 04 28 11.36.26

In addition, the same day of the meeting the consortium visited the laboratories of the University of Seville, where D&BTech is developing the prototypes for oxygen diffusers for the culture tanks. On day 28 the consortium and the external monitor of the project moved to the facility where the project is taking place, Esteros de Canela (Huelva). Attendees toured the facility and observed advances in the renewable energy equipment and photovoltaic compact systems distributed in different parts of the installation, developed by Heliotrónica / INOMA, D&BTech aeration devices and Hydrogen storage tanks developed by ARIEMA.


The same day attendees also moved to the facilities where ARIEMA is manufacturing the electrolysis prototype, which will be moved to the installation soon.

Some images of the visit:


IMG 20160427 201916 IMG 20160428 102332  IMG 20160428 105200 
IMG 20160428 105512 IMG 20160428 123309  2016 04 28 10.44.44


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